Relax in Brilliant Bali

Bali is an island in Indonesia that is located in the western most end of the islands named Lesser Sunda. This is a great tourist destination and is known for its dance, highly developed arts, painting, sculpture, metal working, leather and music.

Some of the best places that you can see here are the Hindu temples. There are endless temples here. There are nine large prominent temples that are the directional temples. They are situated at strategic points in Bali. Here is something that the tourists ought to know. To enter any of these Bali temples you have to be dressed in the traditional clothing of Bali, the sarong and the sash. These are however available at the temples for rent.

Bali is along the coast and hence is thronged by beaches. Some of these beaches have high cliffs and some of them have mangrove forests and hence there is no continuous sandy beach stretch. Some beaches here are perfectly safe for swimming. Water sports are also common on this island. Scuba diving and drift diving are common here. Surf schools are also by the beaches for those who are interested in it. Game fishing is something that you find familiar here.

Scenic views are something that you will see throughout Bali. This island is fertile and largely lush green. Terraced fields and rice fields that make great pleasing scenery are seen. Bali also has mountains that are volcanoes. Many of them are still active. There are accessible mountains in Bali and one of the most famous ones is Batur. So tourists can also engage in mountain climbing and trekking here.

Discover a Wealth of Wonderful Spas

There are many hot springs in Bali. On the north coast you have carvings with holes that that lets the hot springs bubble up and form pools that are surrounded by gardens that are filled with greenery.
Bali is seventh heaven for spa lovers. All sorts of treatments are available here. A body scrub is really famous here and is traditionally performed before weddings. Balinese massage is a type of massage done with oils and tourists who love massages have to experience this luxury. Yoga retreats and centres for well being are common all over this island. Ubud and Seminyak are places where you will find the best yoga places.

The best accommodation in Indonesia can be got in Bali. There are different ranges of accommodation rooms here from the cheapest to five-star resorts. offers huge discounts of up to 75% on hotels in Bali with a great range that you can choose from.

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Island of the Gods, Bali – A Traveler’s Paradise

Amazingly beautiful, Bali looks like carved out of a painter’s brush-strokes. The mesmerizing culture fused with the sandy beaches and the volcanic mountains gives Bali its unique identity. No doubt that Bali is Indonesia’s hottest destination! Travelers from around the world flock to Bali to catch a glimpse of its colorful culture.

Encapsulated in enigma, Bali’s soul lies deep rooted in religion, which is expressed through Balinese dance forms preserved over centuries. The tradition flows not only through the soul stirring dance forms, but beautiful paintings and even decorative weaving.
Bali is a fairly large island spanning 144 kilometers from east to west and 80 kilometers from north to south and so, offers decent sightseeing opportunities.

A trip to Kintamani Volcano will give you decent view of the countryside in Bali. On your way to the volcano, you can visit the mysterious 11th century Elephant Caves Temple. Bali is a pocket of Hindu religion in Indonesia, and the city features around 20,000 temples. However, the nine directional temples or Kayangan Jagat are the important ones to be considered. Also, there are some world-class amusement parks and several Hot Water Springs in Bali which you surely won’t want to miss. As for beaches, Kuta Beach is the most famous beach in Bali and a favorite among tourists for its beautiful sunsets.

Bali has some decent scuba diving hotspots like Amed, Nusa Dua, and Tulamben which provide a close peek at the beautiful soft coral reefs and marine creatures. Bali is also known as surfer’s paradise due to the exotic surfing beaches it has. Bali is also fast gaining reputation as a sought after golfing destination due to its three top class 18-hole championship golf courses. Still pondering what to do, then there’s paragliding for you to glide over Bali’s spectacular coastline. There is still another kind of adventure which might light up your eyes and that’s exploring the island on a bicycle. What’s more, it’s the easiest! Cycle dealers are easy to find and you can opt either to buy or take one on rent. If cycling around the picturesque island tires you down, it’s about time for some relaxation! Bali has some amazing spas which offer the traditional Balinese massage which is usually done with oil which is not without some immense health benefits. Recreation habitually follows relaxation and what more can be more beautiful than the Balinese dance forms, barong or “lion dance” and the spectacular “monkey dance” known as Kekak. It’s sure to put you in a kind of trance.

Searching for hotels in Bali is the easiest part. Bali caters to all types of visitors on varying budgets. Traditional, as Bali is, it offers you a host of choices as far as hotels and resorts are concerned and you’ll find all the modern facilities to ensure a luxurious stay. There are also fabulous resorts in Bali which are nothing less than amazing and you might like to consider from the luxury resorts in Newport and Rhodes Island. The best way to explore Bali is rental cars and that way, it takes around 3 days to cover most of the tourist destinations. Metered taxis and bemos (mini vans) are the other ways to move around Bali.

Five Tips For Booking Online Discount Hotels in Bali

Holiday destinations like Bali can make your holiday a memorable one. Bali is an Indonesian Island located in between the islands of Java and Lombok. The scenic beauty in the backdrops of natural ambiance like rice paddies, volcanic mountains, lush tropical forests, and fascinating beaches surround the city. If you want to explore the diversity of culture, natural beauty, and the Balinese society, then come to Bali.

In Bali, beach lovers will definitely enjoy the white sandy beaches and warm crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean. Apart from these there are many attractive colourful events that take place in Bali. So, to indulge yourself to its interesting happening events what you need is to fix a perfect hotel to stay. If you are looking for discount Bali hotel then undoubtedly you can find such cheap hotels which are pocket and budget friendly.

Before you select a hotel just keep in mind these below mentioned five tips for booking discount Bali hotels.

1. Make a search on the internet search engines by selecting a proper keyword relating booking discount Bali hotels online. A few best search engines must to mention here are,,,, etc.

2. Get confirm about the relevancy and authenticity of the websites which display the search result of booking cheap Bali hotels. For that you can do some research works like domain age. Domain age is nothing but the lease period of that particular website. The trusted website always has a domain age of at least 2 years. If a website offers online booking then you must check whether it has secure SSL service or not. SSL gives you the authenticity and protects you from being victimised by internet frauds.

3. Then search the hotel map and see the location and availability. Location can be determined through encyclopedia or Google maps. You can also search by location and preferred language. For that, you can make changes in settings, every search engines has there own settings.

4. Some of the hotel booking sites promises many facilities and offers. Check them whether they are true or not by browsing the particular hotel website. Always compare the discount hotels rates as every hotel has their own discount offers. Also never forget to check the hotel reviews and facilities. Hotel reviews are very popular way to find out about the hotel and its adeptness’s.

5. Don’t be hurry in selecting discount hotels for you need a little research work because it is advisable to compare and contrast the rates of the hotels which are offering discountable rates. By doing these you can get the lowest discount rate hotels and on the same time reliable as well.

The aforementioned tips can be a useful advice for the travelers and definitely these five tips for booking discount Bali hotels can minimize the worries and hurries of a budget traveler.